Triple Invoice in Rajya Sabha moves


Last week, the Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha.

Transferring the invoice, Prasad explained the proposed laws should ben’t viewed through a political prism or vote bank politics, since it intends to guarantee gender equality and dignity.

This is a matter of humanity. This is really for justice to girls, faith and empowerment to women and to guarantee gender equality and dignity,” he explained.

He explained following the Supreme Court judgement banning instantaneous triple talaq as numerous as 574 instances of the prohibited practice have come to the notice of this authorities.

He added that following the previous ordinance issued from the authorities criminalising the clinic, as many as 101 instances have come to light.

“The decision has arrived, but no actions on triple talaq was taken. That’s why we’ve brought this legislation, since the legislation is a deterrence,” he explained.

Prasad the clinic was banned in over 20 Muslim nations, but hasn’t occurred in secular India because of one or another reason.

The angle was opposed by the Congress .

Amee Yajnik stated by means of this statement, the government has thrust girls into a criminal magisterial court for settling household matters.

discussing the laws, chairman M Venkaiah Naidu has allotted four hours.

Underneath the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Union ) Bill, 2019, divorcing through instantaneous triple talaq will probably be prohibited, void and might bring in a prison term of 3 years to the husband.

Though the bill leaves triple talaq that a”non-bailable” offence, an accused could approach a magistrate before trial to find bond.

At a non-bailable offence, bond can’t be granted by authorities in the police station .


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